A Clean Bathroom in Your Home

Bathroom by Ashley
Bathroom by Ashley

When you move into a new place, it’s very important to get the essentials squared away as soon as possible.

Arguably, the rooms you’re going to be spending the most time in are the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and the bathroom.

Many people overlook the idea of putting effort into decorating the bathroom because it’s not considered a shared space. However, it’s important to decorate because you will be using it daily, and guests will be using it when they’re over.

Start your bathroom remodel by considering repainting your bathroom, or replacing any handles or knobs that need updating. Next, put up some nice pictures or paintings if you’re so inclined.

Make sure to properly equip your bathroom with the essentials—soap, hand towels, toilet paper, and a trashcan. In bathrooms with a shower or bath, make sure to put a durable bath mat both in the fixture and just outside of it for people to use when they step out. It’ll keep your floor from getting wet and messy.

When you’re setting up the bathroom, pay attention the light fixtures and make sure that your bathroom has good lighting. Consider getting a small night light for the bathroom, so that people can use it at night without turning on the major light fixture.

Keep the mirror in your bathroom streak-free by regularly using glass cleaner and paper towels. If there’s a cabinet underneath your sink, place any bathroom cleaning supplies in there. If there is not a cabinet, look into investing in one, or keep it in a closet outside the bathroom.

This cabinet should also hold extra bathroom necessities, like soap, toilet paper, and clean towels, on a separate shelf, making it easy for guests to access.

If you have a medicine cabinet, place all of your toiletries in there instead of on the sink itself. Do not store any valuables or embarrassing items in there. Contrary to what you may think, people do snoop around and peak inside storage of shared areas.

When it comes to keeping the bathroom fresh and clean, get some Febreeze or Airwick. You can also buy some popurri or incense.

Regularly take out the trash and clean your bathroom. Use bleaching agents to properly kill germs and mold. A clean bathroom is not only impressive to guests, but is also something you will definitely appreciate in the long run.